Notes on Basha, the village of the last gun-hunter tribe

Basha, Guizhou

Grain drying during a misty afternoon in Basha

Basha 岜沙 is one of the few ethnic villages around Congjiang (从江) in southeast Guizhou province. While the villages of Gaozeng, Baba and Xiaohuang are Dong ethnic minority villages, Basha is a home to a tribe of the Miao ethnic minority.

“You go and visit the village. Basha is a cluster of five natural villages and they spread on both sides of the ridge … I’ll try and find some gunmen” said driver I had hired for the day.

Basha is home to the last gun-hunter tribe of Guizhou and probably China.  Good to know.  Unfortunately, except for a Basha Miao gun-hunter tribe wanna-be museum on the main square on top of the hill, I did not meet any of these famous gunmen.

Basha, Guizhou

The hamlet of Gufeng in Basha, Guizhou


A base for exploration

Good thing to know, there is guesthouse in the upper village of Gufeng (古风寨). It overlooks the valleys and the rice terraces and offer cheap and basic rooms with or without bathroom for 100 and 120 RMB respectively.

Here is the contact information of the guesthouse :
Gufeng Zhai Qingnian Lvshe (贵州从江岜沙苗寨‘古风寨’青年旅舍)
Phone : 0855-6925035 / Mobile 13885549720
Website :

In the streets of Basha

In the streets of Basha

Basha or Biasha ?

A misspelling in the pinyin transliteration of the village name has people writing and calling the last Miao gun-hunter tribe cluster of hamlet ‘Biasha’ instead of ‘Basha’.

There is no ‘bia’ sound in Chinese, only ‘ba’ or ‘bai’, but the character 岜 in the village’s name is read ‘ba’ only. It means ‘rocky mountain’.

So, if you are planning on visiting Basha and hire a driver or ask for direction, make sure to pronounce correctly.

How to get there

Basha is located on top of a hill, 10 kilometers from Congjiang (从江). Conjiang is a small town at the border between Southeast Guizhou province (known as Qiandongnan 黔东南) and Guangxi province.  – it is 5-  to 6-hour bus ride from the provincial capital of Guizhou, Guiyang (贵阳) or the Miao ethnic region of Kaili (凯里).

You can also get to Conjiang from Guangxi province.  I am not sure about bus frequency from Guilin (around 6 hours), but there are frequent buses to and from Sanjiang (三江), which is also the gateway to the cluster of Dong hamlets of Chengyang and the famous Yongji bridge.

Traditional houses of the last gun-hunters

Traditional houses of the last gun-hunters