At the moment, Travel Cathay has two China-based expats have contributed to Travel Cathay :
Pavel who is based in Shanghai and Josh who is based in Urumqi.
Gaetan is the founder, main author of Travel Cathay and spends his time between Europe and China.

As the administrator and main author, I welcome all China and Asia aficionados guest bloggers to contribute and submit content. If you wish to do so, please, read the following before submitting or pitching stories :

 Objectives of Travel Cathay

  1. Travel Cathay is about helping expats and first-time foreign travellers in China to experience alternative destinations during their trip. These ‘alternative destinations’ includes mainly ancient, historical and ethnic towns, villages and streets across China.
  2. Travel Cathay articles and blog posts focus on the history and / or look at the impact of tourism, modernisation and urban sprawling in these ancient, historical and ethnic villages, but also in the classical canon of must-see destinations of mainland China and its Special Administrative Regions (SAR).
  3. If rural China remains one of the main focus of Travel Cathay, the hidden beauties of the cities is also an area of interest.
  4. Although, Travel Cathay’s focus is mainland China, contributions about other countries in Central Asia, Northeast Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia. Please, do spare Borocay, Koh Samui and Phuket, instead focus on the lost temples hidden in the jungle of Cambodia or the beauty of Samarkand.
  5. With the contribution and collaboration of travellers and bloggers, Travel Cathay would like to become a platform in English about historical places, Chinese and Asian culture which provide an in-depth understanding to travellers.
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Guideline to contribution

  1. You must contribute your first-hand experience only.
  2. Your submission must be in accordance with the ‘Objectives of Travel Cathay’ explained above.
  3. Articles must be between 500 and 1500 words maximum, written in English.
  4. Article must be accompanied with your own photographic material (which may be watermarked with your website logo). Photo should be a visual support to your article and focus on the place / travel destination you talk about. Selfies of yourself somewhere does not count as photographic material.
  5. Do not plagiarise other articles and photos.
  6. Do submit your own original content, written in an engaging way with your own voice.
  7. Submit excerpt of your story and or pitch to your article via my contact page.Do not send links, except the link to your own website.
  8. Travel Cathay cannot pay for your contribution.

How to contribute

  1. Contributors will be invited to become contributing ‘authors’ on Travel Cathay and will receive a personal invitation via email.
  2. Travel Cathay runs on WordPress and contributors will have to sign up to WordPress to upload their own content.
  3. Contributors are encouraged to contribute more than one story.